Varya XL
Designer: Simon Pengelly

Designed by Simon Pengelly, the VARYA XL collection was born with the aim of completing the extensive VARYA family with a new collection of seats with wider dimensions that provide extra comfort as well as new functionalities. Both collections, VARYA and VARYA XL make up a complete family of versatile and customizable chairs that stand out for their essential and timeless design and are easily integrated into different spaces and contexts.

Trolley available: VAR0120OP.
Stacking: 12 pcs on the floor, 15 pcs on a trolley (models VXL0010, VXL0020); 6 pcs on the floor, 10 pcs on a trolley (model VXL0610); 4 pcs on the floor, 4 pcs on a trolley (model VXL0040, VXJ0640); 8 pcs on the floor, 12 pcs on a trolley (model VXL0620).

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