Freight Surcharge to Major Canadian Cities.
Updated FLAT rates.

April 30, 2022

Freight surcharges in addition to existing Flat Freight charges will be applied as a separate line item based on the zones listed.

The freight surcharge amount is calculated on the total merchandise NET AMOUNT after discount & before taxes. Full freight containers shipped direct to warehouse are not subject to surcharges.

  • Zone 1, Southwest Ontario, not including GTA, Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec City
  • Zone 2, Halifax
  • Zone 3, Winnipeg, Regina, Saskatchewan
  • Zone 4, Edmonton, Calgary
  • Zone 5, Vancouver

  • GTA orders are to be quoted separately depending on the volume, site conditions and requirement of onsite installation.
  • Shipments to destinations outside the large cities, Vancouver Island and Newfoundland will be quoted.
  • Zone 1, Flat Rate: $220.00; NET AMOUNT + Surcharge: 3%
  • Zone 2, Flat Rate: $260.00; NET AMOUNT + Surcharge: 4%
  • Zone 3, Flat Rate: $280.00; NET AMOUNT + Surcharge: 5%
  • Zone 4, Flat Rate: $330.00; NET AMOUNT + Surcharge: 5%
  • Zone 5, Flat Rate: $395.00; NET AMOUNT + Surcharge: 5%
note that the increase freight costs do not cover the actual freight expenses we incur which remain largely subsidized.

COM Fee – $18 per yard. Minimum $200. No maximum.

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