Tusch Seating International

Distributors of European and American Furniture to the contract and hospitality markets
through A&D Firms with representation across Canada.

Ulis Lounge Chairs

By Capdell, Spain. Designed by Sebastian Herkner.


Binar 60 Seating Solutions

By Inclass, Spain.


Cask Lounge Collection

By Exporium, Spain. Designed by NORM Architects.


Essense Tables

By Inclass, Spain. Designed by Jonathan Prestwich.


Tusch Seating International

Design guides our actions and intentions in any given space. We look to furniture to enrich
where we spend our time, and set the tone for these spaces.

With over 35 years of experience, the strength of TUSCH is found in the ability to connect and communicate
with clients - and to seamlessly supply the ideal products to meet the goals of any project.

Whether outfitting for corporate, residences, or hospitality, the modern selection from TUSCH enables clients
to create inspiring spaces - with the knowledge that the furniture they have chosen is high in both quality and style.

Our Team

Nino Hason

Founder & President

Email: nino@tuschseating.com

Les Garai

Regional Dealer and A&D Sales Manager

Email: les@tuschseating.com

Ivania Flores

Office Manager

Email: Ivania@tuschseating.com

Julissa Romero

Marketing & Customer Relations Manager

Email: julissa@tuschseating.com

Carlos Malta

Warehouse Manager

Email: carlos@tuschseating.com